Look Through the Common Exam Mistakes to Avoid Them

Tips to avoid the most common mistakes

Every mark counts during the exams, so you should do your best to balance your time management and procedure organization during the exams. After all exam sessions, the most common mistakes are collected, and we offer you to check the list of them along with the advice how to avoid them. So, read this attentively!

Guessing the answers

Most of the exams are assessed with the way of Multiple Choice Question (MCQ). This means you get 3 scores for the correct answer, you get -1 for a wrong answer and you get 0 if you haven`t chosen an answer at all.

Lots of students just try to guess the right answer if they don`t know it for sure. But the best option here is just to choose the answer ā€œEā€.

Missing some questions

When it comes to the written section, you are to attempt to answer all the questions, at least try, as if you leave the blank space, it influences your overall score badly. The system of the marks counting here is totally different if compared to the MCQ.

An incorrect reading of questions

The main rule you should always follow is to read the questions carefully.

You are to read the questions for several times to make sure you understand what you are asked. Give answers to those questions you are the most confident in first, and then proceed with the others. This will help you feel less nervous and give more correct answers.

Make sure you read all the options correctly as well if you are passing the MCQ exam. Some answers may have similar phrases.

Time management

You`ll have two hours to complete your APA and CIP exam. You will have time to look through all the tasks at the beginning and to check your answers at the end of a session.

You should manage your time in an appropriate way, remember that all questions weight the same marks, so there`s no need to spend more time on some of them.

Give relevant answers

It doesn`t matter how good you are, you should give a strict answer to the question with little additional information. You should always refer back to the questions asked.

Giving little information

Look at the marks which are given to the questions and consider the length of your answer. Some questions require you just to list something, some require the detailed description. Be attentive here, always make sure you give enough information on the question. If you have some examples, then give them, and you can get additional marks for them.


Take some time to learn calculations. You will be able to carry out the calculations and score your marks. You will get the space to write your formulas and a final result.

Misunderstanding of the key terms

You should understand the main terms of the question. Most students lose their marks because they can`t do this in an appropriate way. Read exactly what you are asked to do. The easiest formula to remember:

  • State: You should give a report, no explanation and instances needed.
  • List: Make a simple bullet list, it should be brief.
  • Describe: Give details with the examples.

Tippex usage

You should try to write as legibly as possible. If you have made a mistake, then cross it out and write the correct answer, the examiner will see it and give you marks. Don`t waste time using Tippex.

Use the HB pencil for MCQ exams.

Refuse to use online supports

You should use all the sources to prepare yourself for the exams in a good way. Online assistance is the one you can use either. Getting professional assistance with essay writing, for instance, will increase your chances to achieve high results in the exams.